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He Made Thousands $$$ With Bitcoin In 1 Month
I know, I know. It sounds crazy and unbelievable. That was my first reaction too. How exactly did we make this money? 

BTC Gambling. You read gambling and thought; Woh that’s risky, but is $150k worth the risk? 

It’s easier than it seems. Around a year ago, I met someone who now I call a friend(baecoin). He develops scripts for bitcoin gambling websites to automate your bets and a lot of other things. One of these websites being https://bustadice.com, some say it’s the best website to get winnings on.
I don’t know anyone else who puts more dedication and ingenuity into their scripts like he does. How do you know the script isn’t garbage? He lives off it, he spends almost everyday perfecting it. 

He takes losses to perfect it so those who use his script don’t have to worry, as long as they abide by what he says.
Anyways, enough with the details lets get to the story. Someone offered him(baecoin) a deal, they had plenty of bitcoin funds to test the waters of his script and then scale the script up to double or triple profits. He started with 2 whole bitcoins(you can even start small, but the more the better) and turned it into 49 whole bitcoins. See the picture below

Wow right? Well the guy only paid my friend $10,000 out of the $150,000 he made him. To me personally that’s selfish, but that’s not my deal.

Want to try to double or even triple your money?

Check out the Script here 

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